The Timeless Clock

About six years ago my husband (then boyfriend) and I took a pretty magical road trip filled with conversations delving into values while meandering through California landscapes. We spoke of the concept of time…what it means, does it exist, how to measure it, and why use a 24 hour system.

The Timeless Clock was born. Rather than numbers, infinite concepts of love, truth, peace, dreaming, creativity, beauty, joy, balance, generosity, healing, knowledge, and courage serve to remind us of what is important.


The Timeless Clock is functional with clock hands circling letting all know visually the hour and minute is 3pm…while simultaneously working on a deeper, subconscious level suggesting it’s Time For…PEACE! Instead of 6pm, it’s Time For…Joy, Healing at 9pm, and Love at noon or midnight.

If a person gives an extra hug or thinks about how to better serve the world after seeing this timepiece, then it has done its job. This creation aims to be simultaneously lighthearted and introspective. It’s the clock for a wall, desk, office, studio, nursery, spa, daycare, etc. This particular rendition is battery powered and has a hook for hanging. Give the gift of TIME.

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Here’s a video I made starring the Timeless Clock with friends dancing around San Francisco. The song “On the Level” is by J*Labs (Jackie Peters). Follow her musical journeys on Facebook and SoundCloud. Editing is by As It Is Films, and Elizabeth Yochim’s Angelbird is featured.


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