Pregnant Yoga Shoot with Robert Sturman

The photographic yoga art of Robert Sturman had been on my radar for years as I saw them frequently when visiting the Exhale yoga studio in Venice, California. I enjoyed the reflections and energetic quality of the images he created by manually moving emulsions in Polaroid film around a person in an asana.

The end of Polaroid film found him experimenting with even more unique perspectives of people and places. In the last days of my pregnancy, the stars and schedules aligned for a shoot with Robert on Baker Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Robert and I allowed the postures, moments, and clicks to unfold on rocks, sand, and water as my toddler Iris and his dog Chai frolicked with friends nearby.


At the end of the shoot, Iris and I played together with her soon to be born sibling on the inside. I really love these images we created together that misty May morning.

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