Jacquelyn Krieger is a mama, wife, yogini, artist, writer, actor, entrepreneur, traveler, environmentalist, herbalist, chef, creator of ChakWave juices and Timeless Clocks.

Born a fruit, vegetable, herb and earth enthusiast, she spent her youth hay bale hop-scotching, creek swimming, and tree climbing on her family’s Texas ranch. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio|Television|Film, she moved to Hollywood to act and write. In addition to appearing in many national commercials, she co-produced and performed in the children’s yoga musical “Wee Yogis.”

In 2008 Jacquelyn developed the ChakWave juice line, freshly made beverages inspired by the colorful chakra system. The herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables in each recipe align with the physical body parts corresponding to the energetic chakra points. Originally sold from her beet stained home kitchen and then in stores throughout Southern California, the “ChakWave: 7 Chakras 7 Juices 7 Days” book guiding users through the in-depth cleanse of body, mind, and spirit utilizing meditations, juices, yoga postures, journal prompts and more will soon be available online and in print.

Jacquelyn completed the chef program at the Culinary Classroom in Los Angeles, studied Psychology of the Chakras at Sacred Centers in Northern California, and became certified as a yoga teacher at the Himalaya Yoga Valley in India. Also trained as a doula and Reiki practitioner, she teaches yoga classes sprinkled with fun dashes of Ayurveda, aromatherapy, breath work, sound healing, nutrition, philosophy and laughter as well as practical and positive intentions.

In 2013, Jacquelyn, her husband Todd Krieger, and their cat moved to San Francisco where their two daughters were born. In Northern California, she co-founded the Maker Mamas artist collective, the Ladies Writing Society writing group, served as an early co-founder of pre-launch startup FriendTier, and began in-depth herbalism studies with East West Planetary Herbology.

Jacquelyn and her brother Emory Richey recently founded the EcoRich Art Ranch Residency program on their family’s Texas ranch. They are currently accepting applications for interactive sculpture projects focused on the intersection of nature, art, and play.

She enjoys cuddle puddle tea party dance offs with her family, filming videos, hiking amongst redwoods, decluttering, reading BookTree Spanish books with the kiddos, visiting imaginatively designed playgrounds, and staying curious to the spirit|mind|body|community connection of existence.