Hello! Happy to have you swing by my site. 

I’m an Explorer of Schoolyard Earth, Mother, Artist, and Author. 

I’m into cuddle puddle tea party dance offs with my husband, two daughters and cat, traveling, visiting imaginatively designed playgrounds, hiking, de-cluttering, writing, and staying curious to the spirit|mind|body|community connection of existence. I’m pretty much always working on a video project and cooking up some installation or land art idea, ChakWave workshop or a product like The Timeless Clock. I’m interested in going deeper into the expansive wellness world of plant-based foods, yoga, hemp, and cannabis as well as supporting girls, women, and the environment heal and flourish. 

My book “ChakWave: An Intentional Cleanse for Body, Mind, and Spirit” is a culmination of a decade of developing and implementing juice cleanse experiences for people seeking peace, health, and connection with their bodies, minds, and spirits. The rainbow of fresh juices are inspired by the colorful chakra system, and there are recipes, meditations, activities, journal prompts, fun illustrations and more inside. 

Growing up on a ranch in rural Bluff Dale, Texas I enjoyed swimming in creeks and climbing in my Granny’s mulberry tree. I went to grade school in Bluff Dale which had about 63 (my favorite number!) kids in Kindergarten through Eighth, then Stephenville High School where I grew through theatre, cheerleading, and student council. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio|Television|Film, I moved to Hollywood to act and write. I’ve been in many national commercials, some very strange independent films, and was pleased to co-produce and perform in the children’s yoga musical “Wee Yogis” on stage in Santa Monica. I now live in San Francisco with my family.

Always eager to learn more, I completed the chef program at the Culinary Classroom in Los Angeles, studied Psychology of the Chakras, Chakra Yoga, Charge and the Energy Body, and Guiding the Journey at Sacred Centers in Northern California, and became certified as a yoga teacher at the Himalaya Yoga Valley in Goa, India. I’ve had training in the Doula and Reiki realms and am in the midst of in-depth herbalism studies with East West Planetary Herbology. 

I’ve co-founded the Maker Mamas artist collective, the Merry Muses and Ladies Writing Society writing groups in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Magic Box Productions, and the EcoRich Art Ranch Residency program on my family’s Texas ranch where your ideas and proposals for interactive sculpture projects focused on the intersection of nature, art, and play are welcome.

Care to collaborate? Send me a note, and let’s get to it!